I was delighted to have received this lovely email from one of my clients. Seeing Vicky’s new found confidence has had a real positive impact on her day to day life. This is why i am so passionate in what I do.

"I’ve always had very fine hair, and it caused me misery throughout my life. However, about a year ago I realised the little hair I had was starting to disappear around the scalp, resulting in patches of scalp being clearly visible. This was incredibly distressing, and made me very self-conscious. I tried medicated shampoos, which did nothing to help.

Eventually, a friend suggested I try a wig. I ordered one online, and while it looked better than patches of scalp, it was clearly not real hair, was a bit loose, and made my scalp itch. Despite this, it did help my self-confidence. Finally, I thought, if I was going to do this, I should do it properly, so I made an appointment at Snips.

Laura couldn’t have been more understanding and empathetic. We had a long chat, and tried on a good few pieces to see what would suit me. I was stunned by the quality of the pieces; they look completely real, even around the hairline and parting.

I settled on a style and bought the piece, and have never looked back. It is really comfortable, doesn’t itch, and even stands up to strong winds (I’d always imagined they would fly off!).

Everyone says I look great (and so far no one I haven’t told has twigged it’s not my real hair), and I feel better in my own appearance than I ever have in my life before. Looking in the mirror has ceased to be a depressing experience. I can’t recommend Snips highly enough. Great service, and so friendly and welcoming. I finally have the hair I always dreamed of, thanks to Laura and Snips."

V, Wexford

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