Feed back from second year students from the Radiation Therapist programme. Discipline of Radiation Therapy, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, St James Hospital Campus. Friday 13th February 2015

"SnipsWigs provides a wonderful service. The presentation given to our class really opened my eyes to the problems patients can undergo when they lose their hair. Losing one"s hair can be a very emotional and difficult journey and this presentation made me more aware of that. Snips does not just sell and style wigs; it provides a support service for its customers. I found the presentation most informative and I learned about different types of wigs and scarves available for patients. I really enjoyed the presentation. Laura is an inspiration. She is a lovely person and it is clear that she understands how losing your hair can affect a person. She runs a wonderful service for her clients and can relate to what they are going through. In my future practice I will definitely recommend this service to patients." – Edel

"SnipsWigs provides an invaluable service to patients of all ages. Laura"s presentation brought to light the huge difficulties faced by patients with hair loss. Her own experience of hair loss helps her empathize with clients, as she understands their plight. The customized wigs provided by Snips mean that every client is catered for. The aftercare provided shows that Snips is not just a wig fitter, but something of a support system clients can avail of in a time they most need it." – Breffní

"Laura showed great enthusiasm for her role as manager of snips wigs Ireland. She gives an insight into the mental struggle she suffered losing her own hair. She outlines the importance of her role and the weight of the issue. I enjoyed Laura"s talk and would recommend her as a speaker." – Hannah

"SnipsWigs offer a unique and invaluable service to all those undergoing hair-loss. Laura the owner is passionate and she really cares about helping her clients. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this brilliant service and I would highly recommend it to anyone going through this experience." – Lisa

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